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◆ Aux Berges
Rubber stamp box for writing recipes, and a type system inspired by calligraphic gesture. Aux Berges is a proposal for a solidarity structure, for people in distress. This complex located on the banks of the Seine is a regenerating space of social and professional links between its inhabitants and city dwellers. To conceive the identity of this space, the bias was to highlight the gesture. Inspired by calligraphic forms, the fluidity refers to the vegetable, to the abundant activity of Aux Berges. The tilde, this wavy form highlights the complex, and the transition from private space to public space. The rubber stamp box is made with laser cutted MDF. It is a kit to write recipes. The paper is made from mixed newspaper papers, then dried with inlaid seeds. Recipes can be stamped on the paper, then the paper can be planted.
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