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◆ Hortus Gardinus
Degenerative Type program on Processing,. Realised with : Théo Bourdon, Justine Vivier, Caroline Poincloux, Jenifer Tytgat Hortus Gardinus is a breach located in the heart of Paris, a garden in which the data is diverted an varied randomly to generate a terrain of wandering, Its concept lies in the rejection of a hyper-rationalized use of data optimization. The data here becomes a mutant material and a creation engine. The data is cut and rearranged through several generative processes borrowed from design, literature, and several avant-garde periods, as the Cut-up, the Automatic Writing and the structure of frames enchassed. These processes allow this given data to be reformulated into a wandering space, an inverted world where the data and its supposed stakes are turned in nonsense, and become a poetic and visual prose instead. The Garden is structured on the principle of enchassed frames, used in the novel Description of a Struggle written by Franz Kafka. The story opens a first space of narration, then another, and so on. All of these spaces are stories told in another story, and they have to be closed for the main story to take an end. Along the way in our garden modeled on this Kafkaesque construction, we used materials and their propoerties to assure an unsure perception of the environment. The walk is organized according to a range of furniture destructured on the principle of automatic writing and surrealist inspirations. Furnitures are a composite of similar images on Google images recomposed into practicable objects, involving new postures. Their meaning is reversed, or gone, the aesthetics and speeches are blurred.
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