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◆ Tubull'air
Collective game controlled by breath, setted-up during the D'Days Festival in 2017. Realised with : Charline Noloy, Jenifer Tytgat Communication with : Yoan Riouhay, Leslie Vanneaud, Amandine Hacquebart Credit photos : Mathieu Andrieux Tubull’air is a collaborative game in which the mouth is the command. Conceived during a workshop at the Arts Codés, with Saunia Laugier, this game was exhibited at the Galerie Joseph for the Let’s Play edition of D’Days, in Paris in May 2017. The installation consists of a screen and four glass water containers. The players each have a pipe, which represents a direction in the game. The proposed game is Mario, the idea being for the players to find a way to collaborate in order to win, without the ability to speak.
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